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Jumat, 16 Mei 2008
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A.    Introduction
KOMPLEK MASJID ULIL ALBAB-UII-YOGYAKARTAUII, as a higher education institution, through the “Directorate of Research and Community Services” (DPPM) utilizes research and community services as one way of realizing UII’s visions; benefiting the community (rahmatallil’alamin) and developing the university.  This is the form of UII’s Catur Dharma which includes research and community service activities.

DPPM is known as the academic implementer and possesses the role of conducting, coordinating, supervising, and assessing research and community service activitties. DPPM is also involved in improving human resource competencies. Since it's beginning, DPPM UII has facilitated and encouraged the academic community to undertake research and community services both individually and as a collective. To fulfill its roles, functions, and limitation of the program, DPPM UII has been developed through the coordination mechanism of UII’s Unit I; a unit directed by Rector Assistant I (Pembantu Rektor I).
DPPM UII is an institution which allows the academic community to conduct research and community service. Acknowledging the fact that the number of students enrolling at UII fluctuates and the demand of society is very dynamic, UII has determined its position as a research university. This is defined by the use of research in the university's teachings and the number of PhD holders currently employed at the university.

In an effort to achieve its optimum role as a coordinating institution for the academic community to conduct research and community service, DPPM holds a synergy with various components in society as well as a number of institutions in order to improve research concepts and corporate social responsibility.

B.    Vision and Mission

Becoming a Research and Community Services Center with high productivity and quality with the ability to respond to the needs of our society by applying the principals of charitable knowledge and scientific good deeds.

1.    To undertake activities in order to improve research quality and quantity to support the development of knowledge.
2.    To conduct research which offers academic contributions to our society.
3.    To conduct community service activities which will improve society’s quality of life.
4.    To provide activities for our society through student internship programs (KKN)

C.    Main Tasks and Functions

1.    Institution mediator which bridges demand and supply, and also problems and UII’s solutions.
2.    Institution which coordinates research and community service for the sake of society.
3.    Institution which coordinates research findings and community services in the fields of science, technology, and humanities and social sciences.

D.    Development Strategy Directions
DPPM's policies on research and community services are orientated towards activities which improving society’s prosperity and quality of life. These policies reflect Islamic values, and are aimed to create a green urbanization in response to global warming. In order to achieve the visions and missions above, DPPM UII applies the strategies listed below:
1.    Improving researcher professionalism and integrity.
2.    Improving qualified research programs.
3.    Improving research collaborations with various institutions.
4.    Conducting internship programs (KKN).
5.    Development of organizational management.
6.    Improving the organization’s facilities.
7.    Providing a technology information database.  

E.    Activities
The activities conducted by DPPM include:
1. Research in the field of Social Humanism and Science-Technology.
This is a regular program which is aimed to facilitate lecturers and researchers in conducting their research. The policy on research and community services in DPPM aims to improve society’s prosperity and quality of life while reflecting humanism characteristics and Islamic values.

These programs include:
        a. Research on Social and Humanism
        b. Research on Science and Technology
        c. Research on Gender
        d. Research on Environment
        e. Research on Health

2. Community Services.
This activity aims to contribute to the work of lecturers and researchers within the implementation of the university’s Catur Dharma. It can be conducted at any time by lecturers and researchers at Universitas Islam Indonesia.

3. Student Internship. The Student Internship program at UII began in 1978. It includes 5 alternative models which can be chosen by students based on their available time and interest. The 5 models are:
Regular 1
Regular 2
Independent Internship

In its development, the internship activity has been awarded a closer relationship with UII's research activity by the addition of 2 new models.

They are Internship of Community Services and Thematic Internship.